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ArteStylo® is the newest pigment serie manufactured in the USA by Charme International.
They are created for manual method (called Microblading, Embroidery, Soft Tap) & also for the classic Permanent Cosmetics.
Ultra consistency pigments in 15 ml.
Using the finest components have been approved in Spain for the EU from 2007.
The total serie is made by 12 tones.
Why ArteStylo®? Charme Megacolors pigments are ready to use for all the methods (manual microblading and for Permanent Cosmetic with machines). They have been used sucessfully in the USA for many years and now in Europe.
We have created a more perfect consistency pigments for MANUAL METHOD (EYEBROWS) and Permanent Cosmetics.
You as Permanent Cosmetic specialist, will have now 2 options Charme Megacolors and Arte Stylo by Charme International.