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STETIK EDUCATION with the collaboration of excellents professionals and manufacturers organizate seminars for beginners & specialists.
6D Microblading Eyebrow Course.
Theoric part:
Introduction about Microblading, how to draw, eyebrow types, needles configurations, needles sizes, pigments, skin types, coloristic.
Practic part:
Drawing & practic in models
Individual assistence & correction during all the seminar
Microblading set is also included in the price.
maxium 3 students.
Microblading course for specialists.
Oriented to specialist that wish to increase their knowing in Microblading.
Many professionals still have many doubts about the work method, questions without answer about:
The skin client.
How to use the pigments.
How to mix them.
Technical mistakes.
After care, healing.
How to refresh the colors.
and many more.
In this seminar we will show how to work sucessfully.
Is very important for every specialist to recognize and separate the real usefull information and the marketing information.
Additional info:
by email to charmemegacolorseurope@gmail.com
or call to the telefone +37063937759
In the seminar we will show and use the marvellous Charme MegaColors® pigments and ArteStylo®.