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ABOUT Charme megacolors & ArteStylo

The Charme MegaColors® and ArteStylo® pigments are manufactured using the highest quality ingredients. They are smooth, alcohol free and approved by the European Union under Sanitary registrations 220-PE through 226-PE in Spain .

Charme International has always been at the vanguard of the permanent cosmetics industry.
We offer dermopigmentation training (basic, advanced and for those in the medical field). Advanced dermopigmentation classes specialization in the different disciplines whether it is cosmetic or para-medical.
All of our educational courses are offered privately at a mutually convenient time either at our training centers.

Charme International join the experience, the quality and the love to the aesthetic art in every one of the pigments. The specialist will be sure that every time that use a pigment from Charme Megacolors is going to applicate to their clients the best and highest quality components.
Safe, perfect consistency, easy to apllicate, uniform colors and without the must to use other additionals elements.
The exclusive line of Charme MegaColors® and ArteStylo® pigments is the result of lengthy investigations and they have been proven to be non-allergic in the vast majority of cases. 
The Charme MegaColors® and ArteStylo® are made in USA with the highest quality grade pharmaceutical ingredients. They are creamy and smooth and contain no alcohol. 
There is a wide selection of pigments designed for cosmetic use by the professional for the dermopigmentation of eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, blush, shadows and highlighters. 
For Mini-Tattoos, there is a kit specially designed for this application. 
Also for the medical field, Charmé MegaColors® offers a special set of pigments for the re-pigmentation of the nipple and areola and for the camouflage of scars. 
ArteStylo® are 12 pigments for Eyebrows and 1 pigment  Black Ebony for Eyeliner.
Charme International offers pigment manufactur, packing, sterilization & distribution. 
For additional questions or become a distributor in you country don.t hesite to contact us.